Island Trader Vacations Reviews Two Beautiful Inland Islands

beautiful sunset 216x300 Island Trader Vacations Reviews Two Beautiful Inland IslandsWhen most people think of Germany, visions of islands are not the first thing to come to mind however, Germany is home to a number of beautiful islands both in the sea and on its lovely and large inland lakes and rivers. From its lovely sea islands including the East Frisian Islands to its amazing inland lakes, islands represent some of the most popular areas for travel in Germany. Come with us as we review two of Germany’s most beautiful and popular inland islands today.

Mainau Island – a lovely island located in Lake Constance near the city of Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg Germnay. Maintained as a garden, Mainau has earned the nickname the isle of flowers for a reason. First created by its then owner Frederick I, the Grand Duke of Baden who first built the islands arboretum which now contains over 500 species of trees and plants to its lovely parks filled with trees over 150 years old, this lovely island is a must see. Other popular attractions on the island today include the palace grounds, once home to Frederick I, as well as the butterfly house which houses over 140 exotic species of butterflies.

For those who have a great interest of the many species and the history of the island, guided tours of the island offer a closer and more personal look at many aspects of Mainau Island. Horticultural tours of the garden and park, guided tours of the newest installations and flowerbeds of the garden and a journey through the islands past including 500 years of history are a few ways to enjoy the island.

For the gastronomy lover in the group, food and wine play an intrinsic role in the popularity of the island today as well. From its culinary delights to tours and tastings at the Mainau vineyard, this is your opportunity to taste, touch and smell all that makes this island so amazing today.

Herrenchiemsee Island – The largest of the islands of Lake Chiemsee, Herrenchiemsee Island has a royal history which dates back to the year 1873. Acquired by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as the site for his new palace, Ludwig had his palace built in the style of Versailles. Today, visitors can still enjoy the beautiful paintings, massive and stunning state rooms as well as learn more about the region in its large and informative museum as well.

Elsewhere on the island a history much older than that of the Swan King can still be seen in the Augustinian Canons built in the 11th century at the site of a Benediction abbey dating back to the 8th century. This site can still be explored as well and offers visitors a closer look at the old history of the island. Called the Old Palace, the Herrenchiemsee Abbey may no longer be an abbey however, it exists today as a popular place to learn more about the history. From its formal gardens and its new palace to its outdoor activities and its amazing food and drink, this is one island you must see.

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5 Eco Friendly Destinations For Travel This Earth Day

green 300x180 5 Eco Friendly Destinations For Travel This Earth DayHappy Earth Day 2014! On this day, we encourage you to find a way to learn more about this day and what it means to you and the world in general. Take a look at the history of Earth Day and then come with us on a journey to 5 amazing destinations which are finding ways to promote sustainable travel and life in general.

Earth Day is held each year on April 22 and features events and activities around the world honoring what the day means. First celebrated in 1970, today, Earth Day has continued to grow and is now celebrated in 192 countries around the globe. Today, we take this day to renew our sense of commitment to the environment and its beauty and health for generations to come.

Each year, countries, cities and people find ways to encourage and promote sustainable ways of life and even travel. Destinations such as Costa Rica and other areas which are stilled filled with pristine areas offer ways to both encourage visitation and still protect the plants and animals that make it unique. From green hotels to pristine locations and environmentally friendly transportation, take a look at five destinations doing their part this year.

Adelaide, Australia – Solar powered buses? Its true at least in Adelaide. Last year the city unveiled the world’s first COMPLETELY solar powered transportation and it’s also free to use. Called the Tindo or Sun bus, it is a free service run by the city council and is part of its City Connector transportation system which connects major destinations throughout the city.

Paris, France – From reduced traffic to LED, Paris is finding new ways to do their part to protect the environment. For example, while Paris is famed for its beauty, it is also famed for its smog which is made worse by the number of drivers each day. A new initiative allows only have the traffic with 50% banned one day and the other 50% banned the other. In other news, the Notre Dame Cathedral recently replaced its 400 incandescent bulbs with LED lights which are far more efficient and live much longer.

Detroit, MI – As Detroit continues to come back from the brink, it continues to find new and innovative ways to not only better the city in terms of appearance but efficiency as well. Highland Park, a small community in the heart of Detroit is doing their part by replacing its once missing street lights with solar powered street lights.

Newcastle, England – Already regarded as one of the greenest cities in the world, Newcastle is showing its green roots once again by taking advantage of nature’s bounty. A recent discovery of naturally heated groundwater is now being used to heat large parts of the downtown area and further reduce their carbon footprint once again.

Reykjavik, Iceland – An amazing city, one that every city should aspire to be, Reykjavik, Iceland gets only 19% of its primary energy for heat and transportation from fossil fuel meaning a full 81% of the rest of this power comes completely renewable resources including geothermal and hydrogen power. While green initiatives are quite new in most places, Reykjavik, Iceland is even more unique due to the its long history dating back to 1907 when the first farmer in the area used a hot spring on his property to heat his house.

What can you do? Get out and enjoy this great day and enjoy all this amazing world and those who live in it have to offer you!

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Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Explores 2 Stunning Wine Regions

wine tasting 164x300 Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Explores 2 Stunning Wine RegionsWhile many think first of California when it comes to wine regions, the U.S. is actually home to over 200 AVA or American Viticultural Areas in states throughout the nation. From Michigan to Washington to Iowa, take a look at 2 stunning wine regions not in California and become inspired with a taste of the U.S.

Willamette Valley – Simply referred to as the Oregon Wine Country, the Willamette Valley stretches from the Columbia River south to Eugene. Encompassing over 5,200 square miles it is the largest AVA in the state of Oregon and is well known for its world renowned Pinot noir.  One of 7 AVA’s in the state, it dates back around 50 years to 1968 when three wine lovers got together and created the first three vineyards in the region despite the disbelief in the project from their friends believing it was too cold.

A mild climate with cool wet winter and warm dry summers, this is a temperate climate combined with coastal marine influences and offers four predominant varieties of wines including Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot noir. Home to many large cities, museums, festivals and inns, restaurants and farmers markets, there is plenty to see and do.

Grand Valley – Located in Mesa County, Colorado, this amazing AVA encompasses over 32,000 acres of rolling hills, loamy soils, high deserts and deep pine forests. Viticulture or wine production in this unique area began over 100 years ago in the late 19th century when State Governor George A Crawford planted the first 60 acre vineyard. A continental climate, vineyards are planted at elevations as high as 4,700 feet. Once a hidden gem, the Colorado wine country is fast becoming one of the most popular regions in the state for tourism and has been rated one of the top 10 in the country. Boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year, the cool breezes, low humidity and beautiful refreshing mountain streams make this a must see for any wine lover.

Wines in this region are much different from a “California Wine”. Here, wines are more like those found in Argentina and Spain. The elevation of the vineyards here and low humidity create unique wines. Home to more than one AVA and 7 growing wine regions, the Grand Valley AVA is located 40 miles east of the Utah border. Wines here include Syrah, Viognier and other Rhone varieties in addition to Bordeaux grapes.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews 4 Amazing Otherworldly Destinations For Travel

Azores lagoa das Furnas in Azores small 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 4 Amazing Otherworldly Destinations For TravelThe world is amazing. From glowing lagoons to actual living volcanoes, the world is filled with stunning diversity and wonder. While these destinations can be found around the world Island Trader Vacations would like to invite you to explore just some of these awe inspiring destinations for travel. Be inspired and enjoy travel more with reviews on top destinations from Island Trader Vacations reviews.

Lake Hillier, Australia – Referred to by most as simply “the pink lake”, Australia is home to more than one pink lake though this is perhaps the most well known. Situated on Middle Island, this smallish lake, separated from the Southern ocean by a narrow strip of sand dunes and vegetation, is bubble gum pink. Though no one truly knows what makes these lakes so pink, it is speculated that it has something to do with the bacteria living in these incredibly salty lakes.

Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaii – Imagine being able to actually see the birth of an island. That is exactly what you see when you visit the Big Island of Hawaii, more specifically Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. An active volcano, the mythical home of the goddess Pele, which is accessible to the general public, a trip to Kīlauea is a chance to see the creation of land. While the lava continues to flow out it pours out into the ocean where it solidifies and becomes land.

Mono Lake, California – Located in California’s Great Basin, Mono Lak is an ancient saline lake which covers around 70 square miles. Unique from other lakes, this lake is not home to fish but is instead home to insects and crustaceans including brine shrimp which thrive on this ecosystem. Fed by fresh water sources in the mountains Mono Lake is famous for its twisting limestone pillars which can stand over 30 feet. These towers, called Tufa towers can only grow underwater however, lower lake levels due to diversion of the streams in the 1940s exposed these unique and eerie features.

Zhangjiajie National Park, China – Created by erosion and glaciations, this exotic and unique destination represents one of the strangest landscapes imaginable. Massive pillars of sandstone covered in vegetation tower high above the land sometimes as much as 650 feet. Home to exotic and diverse animals and plants it is more than just a national park but was also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its diversity and history.

Whether you enjoy lakes filled with glowing algae or massive cliffs towering above your head, the world offers all this and more. Get out and explore and be inspired when you travel.

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Must Visit Family Destinations in Spring

fam 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Must Visit Family Destinations in SpringJust because you are parents doesn’t mean Spring Break can’t still be amazing. Duck the party people and head out to some of the worlds best Spring Break retreats without the crowds when you travel with your family. Don’t be afraid to enjoy a Spring Break vacation even with the kids. Take a look at three top family fun Spring Break destinations with Island Trader Vacations Reviews.

Amelia Island, Florida – While Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale may not be the best choice for a “family” Spring Break adventure, there are plenty of other amazing destinations in Florida which may perfectly meet your needs including the beautiful Amelia Island. One of the most southernmost of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier islands off the U.S. coast, Amelia Island is named for the daughter of George II and is famous for its history as well as its natural appeal. A great way to enjoy history and culture while taking advantage of the warm weather and the bright sunny days, Amelia Island is a peaceful escape any time of year and offers a wonderful family appeal. Popular family activities include charter fishing, arts, watersports such as canoeing and kayaking, history tours, state parks, and horse back riding.

San Diego, California – Over 70 miles of beautiful sandy beaches, museums, parks, adventure attractions and theme parks in addition to cost friendly accommodations and sunny weather make this an ideal Spring Break destination for you and your family. Spring represents an especially exceptionally time to visit as it is in the heart of whale watching season which runs from December to April. Take your family on a trip they will never forget and enjoy nature, history and adventures in San Diego.

Oahu, Hawaii – From beaches and resorts to historic attractions, cultural events and more, Oahu may not be the cheapest plane tickets but you are much less likely to encounter the crowds of unruly college aged kids and you can guarantee an amazing time for your family. Named the heart of Hawaii, some of the most popular ways to enjoy the island with your family include a trip to the Dole Plantation, a journey underwater at Hanauma Bay Marine Sanctuary or a lesson on how to body board on one of the many beautiful beaches, often quiet this time of year. For the truly adventurous, take a trip to the big island and let the kids get up and personal with living volcano,  that is certainly an experience no one will soon forget.

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